Founded in 2010, Oceanalpha is the leading and largest Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) company in the world. In the last 8 years, we have been serving customers from more than 18 countries in five continents.
Oceanalpha has a 100 engineers R&D team and hold 92 USV related patents. From the hull materials, control systems to the hardware, all are developed by our experienced and sophisticated engineers, which effectively guarantees the excellent performance and stable quality of our products.
To enable human beings get closer to ocean with a lower cost, higher efficiency, and a safer manner, Oceanalpha has developed more than 25 models of USVs varying from 1m to 50m. The USV can be equipped with multiple instruments such as water quality probe, ADCP, echo sounders, side scan sonar and etc. to conduct environmental measurement, hydrographic survey, oceanology investigation, patrol & rescue and cargo shipping in a smarter way.


Established in 2010

Founded by masters from HKUST
 First unmanned surface vessel company in China
Leading USV solutions provider in the world
98 engineers, 17 senior engineers
38 masters, 8 doctors



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