The new generation of China's self-developed unmanned warning patrol boat unveiled in the Beijing Military Exposition
Date : 2018.02

The Third China Military and Technological Integration Equipment Expo was opened in Beijing on July 3. The new generation of unmanned police patrol boats, jointly developed by China Southwest Institute of Armed Forces and Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., are widely concerned by delegates for their outstanding product performance, wide application in security, military and other fields.

Yunzhou unmanned patrol takes 7.5-meter channel high-performance hull as platform, its speed is 45 knots, providing high eaworthiness and long-range endurance, and equipped with a modular optical surveillance forensics system and automatic weapons station. Unmanned vessels can search, identify and track surface-to-surface targets as they perform vigilance patrols around important targets such as bases, ports, islands, reefs, platforms, anchorages, naval formations, etc. When it is necessary, it can send signal of warning, eviction and intercept. Yunzhou unmanned patrol can rapid replace electronic warfare module, along with the carrier sailing on the incoming missile, it can rapidly complete maneuver interference, but also in collaboration with the implementation of cluster tasks with other surface platforms.

As the leading research and development and supplier of USV in China, Oceanalpha is the first high-tech enterprise in China that focuses on the development and application of unmanned technologies, products and markets. The company was founded in 2010 by the youngest expert of Thousand Talents Program-Dr. Zhang Yunfei. The company now masters the first-class research and development core technology of USV, bringing together outstanding experts from national research institutes. Many of them have won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, the first and second prize of  National Defense Science and Technology Progress and the Ministry-level Scientific and Technological Progress award. In 2017, it won the honor of "Pioneer of Workers" nationwide.

Oceanalpha intends to develop the first unmanned boat industry standards in China. Now 93 applications for unmanned vessels (ships) have been declared, among which 33 have been authorized, 3 are PCT patents and 57 are invention patents. Among them, core technologies such as autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance have been identified as the world leading. The company develops the world's first environmentally friendly unmanned boat, winning the eighteenth China Patent Excellence Award and the second prize of Ministry of Environmental Protection Science and Technology. It has participated in emergency disposal work in the explosion of Tianjin Port and Longxi tailings leaking and other serious water pollution accidents. In 2017, China conducted a large-scale scientific expedition on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the third polar planet in the world. As the only unmanned platform, Yunzhou unmanned boats became the new tool of the national science examination in the new century with its advanced technology.

Guided by the national strategy of military-civilian integration, Oceanalpha is speeding up the application of unmanned technology in the fields of ocean, security and military to strengthen the country's power. In 2016, the unmanned stealth oceanographic boat produced by the company won the grand prize of the State Ocean Science and Technology Progress Award. High-speed collaborative unmanned boats fill the gap in the domestic use of unmanned military vehicles. Unmanned vehicles achieve the unmanned automatic placement and recovery by onboard control system. Oceanalpha also attaches great importance to quality and the management of weapons and equipment requirements. It has successively passed the certification of the weapons and equipment quality management system, the qualification certificate of the weapons and equipment scientific research and production units and the qualification examination of the equipment undertaking units, laying a solid foundation for the deep participation in the military-civilian integration.

      In 2017, in addition to unmanned patrol vehicles, Oceanalpha also successfully developed and will soon unveil the unmanned oceanographic surve vehicles and other unmanned aerial platform to meet the military, maritime security, marine environmental monitoring and other areas’ needs. It promotes the building of China's maritime power and escorts the "Belt and Road Initiative."

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