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CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat is designed for water discharge measurement and hydrographic survey, developed by Oceanalpha Co., Ltd located in Zhuhai, China focusing on the research and development of Unmanned Survey Vessels, compatible with different brands ADCP and single beam sonar, such as Teledyne RD Instruments workhorse RIO Grande, RDI, Sontek River Surveyor S5/M9, Linkquest Flowquest and etc.. The robotic boat size is 1.05*0.5*0.3m and only 12kg weight which makes it maneuverable, compact, and could easily be operated by just one person and carried on the back of a SUV or a trunk. The maximum speed can reach 5.5m/s covered within 2km communication control range, so that the boat is suitable for most water current environment.

CL20 carrying mainstream brands ADCP stands out from unmanned remote control boats in water discharge measurement and hydrographic survey attributing to its extreme shallow draft, convenient laying and delivery, conducting survey and measurement in water area where traditional surveying and measuring method are impossible to proceed.
Using CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat surveying &measuring unmanned robotic boat can reduce blind spot largely during working , improve working efficiency , accuracy and enlarge coverage area as well as avoiding safety risk of operation on water so as to reduce working difficulty.
CL20 is specially designed for surveying and bathymetric measurement, optimized unmanned ship style reducing the impact of water current of voyage and noise on the measuring instruments to the maximum extent.
CL20 is made of Carbon fiber and fiber glass featured by its anti-corrosion, anti-wave, low temperature resistance, mounted with two propellers to avoid aquatic plants and garbage twining.

CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat


Hull Material  Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass
Hull Length  105cm
Hull Width  50cm
Weight  12kg
Payload  10kg
Motor  Dual Brushless 24V DC Outdrive
Moon Pool  240mm
Remote Control Range  2 km
Data Telemetry Range  2km
Survey Speed  2-4 knots(1-2m/s)
Top Speed  11 knots(5.5m/s)
Battery Pack  1*24v 20AH
Instruments  Sontek River Surveyor S5/M9
Instruments  Linkquest Flowquest
Instruments  Teledyne RD Instruments Workhorse RIO Grande

Application Case

Time: August ,2015

Site: HuangYangriver,baijiao,Hydrological,station,ZhuhaiCity,Guangdong Province

Equipment: CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat,Sontek River Surveyor-M9 flow instrument

Digest: Huang yang river since the north SLATE cod croaker fish sand ,south to peak mountain even Jiti door channel,14 km long,is one of the main rivers flowing through zhuhai baijiao Hydrological station uses Sontek RiverSurveyor-M9 flow instrument and CL20 Yunzhou measuring USV to do flow measurement

Conclusion: The excellent design and reliable performance indicate that CL20 is suitable for USV carrying ADCP in flow measurement platform. Small size easy to carry, can put in yixiang of the vehicle. Autonomous navigation function suitable for spacious waters flow measurement. High speed (4 m/s) can adapt to all kinds of complex water flow.
The following choices of base station with their own advantages can be cooperated with the USV according to different demands :
Tough book base station featured by water-proof, dust-proof and shock proof; Integrated base station characterized by its sunlight readable 15 Inch touch screen portable base station featured by using the commercial notebook computer and optional the scheme of communication relay station or radio communication module; relay station distinguished by its mobile phone terminal access function and smooth and stable communication.


CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat CL20 Autonomous Hydrographic Survey Boat