ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat

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ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat featured by its standardized water sampling, salt lake sampling,evaporation pond sampling and on-line water quality mobile monitoring is the first unit of environmental unmanned surface vessel in the world designed by Oceanalpha Co., Ltd. based in Zhuhai, China.

ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat

ESM30 offers the professional solutions promptly and efficiently to the problems of Eutrophication and emergent water pollution accident, responding fastly to water pollution accident, which can be compatible with most of multi-parameters water quality sondes widely used including EXO2,Eureka probe, Sontek M9 and YSI probe to monitor water quality as well as nuclear radiation monitoring in real time, navigating autonomously into pollution zone through setting up the route and task in advance on base station and automatically generating the water quality monitoring report.


Dimensions 1150*750*430mm
Weight 31Kg
Endurance 3.5 Hours
Sampling Depth 0.5m
Sampling Capacity 7.2L (1.8Lx4)
Compatible Probes MS5/DS5/EXO2/Eureka
Suport Parameters PH/DO/Temp./Turb./Cond./ORP...
Material Fiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber
Base station data communication range 5km
Video communication range 2km
Remote controller range 2km
Payload 15kg
Max speed 1.5m/s
Hull design Catamaran
Draft 25cm


The following choices of base station with their own advantages can be cooperated with the USV according to different demands:

1)  Tough-book base station featured by water-proof, dust-proof and shock proof; Integrated base station characterized by its sunlight readable 15 Inch touch screen portable base station featured by using the commercial notebook computer and optional the scheme of communication relay station or radio communication module; relay station distinguished by its mobile phone terminal access function and smooth and stable communication.

ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat Advantage

2)  Except the main base station, there is a handheld terminal also named remote controller to control the unmanned surface boat within 2km video communication range and 5km data communication range.

3)   4 sampling boxes with 8L sampling capacity totally are essential parts of this USV to collect the sampling waters in different points set up on base station before start working.

4)   Propellers integrated with outboard motor TJ30 can make max. speed reach 2m/s.

5)  ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat USV with electrical power supply of 14.8v high power lithium polymer battery ensuring 6hours endurance is made of high strength fiber reinforced plastic,which weighs totally 26kgs making it easy to carry and operate.

6)  The dimension of the USV ESM30 is only 1.15*0.75*0.43m belonging to the small sized remote control boat which can be carried on the back of SUV. It has the anti-theft function through installing GPS tracker, so there is no need to worry about being stolen.

7)  ESM30 is a member of autopilot vessels family, which navigation mode can be changed easily between Auto and manual, which one chosen depends on the distance and actual conditions.

8)  ESM30 is outstanding for its compactness, high-efficiency, accuracy and intelligent obstacle avoidance distinguished from traditionally manual method of sampling and monitoring, using ESM30 unmanned surface boat can reduce the amount of time, labor and equipment needed to collect water quality data compared to the traditional methods that require at least two technicians in a full-size boat going from site to site to collect samples or make measurements. Agencies have seen more than 600% improvements in efficiency while also reducing risk by keeping technicians and full-size vessels on shore.

Application Case

Case 1

Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei province in central China and has 166 lakes that cover 2,217 square km and approximately 25% of the city. This surface water coverage is one of the world’s highest.

ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat Case 1

The Wuhan Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for monitoring the surface water quality within the city borders and does this by monitoring a subset of 50 lakes on a yearly basis for temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen and turbidity.

Before using the Oceanalpha ESM30 Water Quality Sampling & Monitoring Boat, WHEPB needed three months to do this by taking a manned boat into each lake.

Case 2

Autonomous water sampling and monitoring boat used in Pollution Source Survey case.

Site:  9 rivers in Zhenjiang City(total 120km)
Equipment:  sample collection monitoring USV ESM30 OR MM70
Monitoring stations set up: each400m set up one station(total 310stations), monitoring under water surface 0.5m
Monitoring project:  Ammonia nitrogen and dissolved oxygen etc 7 parameters
Result:  Monitoring reports and the water quality distribution of 9 rivers, per month twice.
The government leader can master the river quality change according to the ecological environment monitoring network, supervise and manage enterprise
ESM30 Autonomous Sampling Boat has been applied to many huge pollution accidents happening around the country and has made outstanding contribution to environmental protection cause, especially in water sampling, water monitoring, water pollution as well as water treatment.