L30B Unmanned Fire Fighting Boat

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L30B Unmanned Fire Fighting Boat is independently researched and developed by Oceanalpha Co., Ltd based in Zhuhai China which is specially designed for firefighting occurred on water, carrying professional fire water cannon equipments to make rescue working prompt ,convenient ,flexible and intelligent.

L30B Autonomous Fire Fighting Boat is a new intelligent platform applied to the disaster investigation in close range, ship fire disposal, search and rescue instead of firemen going into the scene of the fire to improve the overall fire control and rescue ability .

L30B Unmanned Fire Fighting Boat

L30B fire fighting USV is able to carry two life rafts or life rings controlled and thrown remotely by firemen to rescue the victims.

L30B fire fighting USV belongs to large sized platform applying to search and rescue working on surface water which dimension is more than 7 meters, made of high strength fiberglass with carbon fiber and Kevlar ballistic fabric material featured by its bullet-proof characteristic, driven by diesel fuel power enabling the max. speed to reach 46knots ,cruising ability 220NM covered within 50km data communication and 30km video communication ,and allowing the USV to navigate normally on the condition of Sea Scale 5th degree.

Due to large size, multi-screens control base station is necessary for the platform on which different tasks and status can be displayed independently .

L30B Unmanned Fire Fighting Boat

One of them is to display USV condition monitoring such as rotate speed, oil mass, oil temperature, electric quality, voltage, rudder angle and other performance index.

Another one is to display video and mission including real-time video from left, right and front camera; trajectory and mission status; navigation information; depth, length ,latitude and speed.

The last one is to display environment sensing,for instance, electronic chart, LIDAR, infrared imagery and side-scan sonar.

L30B fire control & rescue USV is innovative solution to fire control and rescue career compared with traditional method which is low efficiency, time-consuming and high risk.

It is inevitable trend that unmanned systems take place of traditional artificial model in high-risk areas.


Dimension 7.5*2.67*2.5m
Material High strength fiberglass with carbon fiber and kevlar ballistic fabric
Power Supply Diesel fuel
Draft 0.31m
Max. speed 46knot
Communication range:data 50km
Communication range:video 30km
Crusing Ability 220NM
Sea State SS-5