M40A Autonomous Survey Boat With Rdi ADCP

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M40A Autonomous Survey Boat is medium size platform specified for hydrographic survey in coastal and ocean. With modular catamaran design and flexible payload for instruments, MA40 was developed to provide high performance survey with multi beam sonar and different kinds of hydrographic and monitoring instruments in ocean.

The dimension for M40A unmanned surface vehicle is 3.3*1.9*2.2m, weighing 450kg with 60kgs payload capability, made of Aluminum and carbon fiber materials suitable for high salinity seawater, and anti-corrosive .

M40A Autonomous Survey Boat With Rdi ADCP

Catamaran hull design greatly enhance sailing stability, enabling top survey speed reach 4m/s, endurance reach 6 hours.

In addition, the USV has excellent cruise ability with autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance functions to make it suitable for large-scale inshore mapping; its 60KG payload capability allows it to carry single beam, multi beam, forward looking sonar, RDI ADCP, water quality probe, allowing it to be multi- purposed unmanned ship for oceanographic survey in deep ocean.

A portable base station is necessary in order to simplify the operation of this vehicle. It is able to receive various telemetric data of USV; the mapping equipment through wireless communication system allows operator to learn the status of mission completion, the attitude of the unmanned vessel. Its compact and lightweight hull allows only one operator to handle all the operation by using the designed base station.

The base station plays an important roles in mission planning, procedure programming, monitoring the real-time working status, receiving real- time data transmission with 2km data telemetry, 2km video transmission and5km navigation control as well as monitoring measurement data and mission completion of USV, receiving real-time multi-angel video, data storage and management.

In addition to the main base station, necessary accessories also include handled terminal controller used to operate the unmanned boat manually in short distance covered within 2km communication range which is portable and easy to change between auto and manual mode.

M40A Autonomous Survey Boat With Rdi ADCP

M40A Autonomous Survey Boat is not only designed for Hydrographic Survey, but also contributed to underwater topographic survey by carrying single-bean & multi-beam echo sounder; applied to bathymetric survey by carrying side scan sonar.

M40A is a kind of carrying platform in general, what it can do depends on the instruments mounted. Using M40A unmanned surface vehicle can greatly improve working efficiency, increase accuracy of survey, greatly reduce labor cost and time cost.


Dimensions 330*190*220
Hull Material Aluminum and carbon fiber
Weight 450KG
Payload 60KG
Survey speed 2-3m/s
Top speed 4m/s
Power High capacity lithum polymer battery
Battery 8*48V@60AH
Endurance 6h(3m/s)
Data Telemetry 2KM
Video transmission 2KM
Navigation contro l5km
Operation condition Operate-SS2
Instruments options Single beam,multi beam,forward looking sonar,ADCP,water quality probe
Obstacle Avoidence Ultrasonic probe with 50m