M75A High Speed Security Unmanned Patrol Boat

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M75A High speed security Unmanned Patrol Boat is lately developed by Oceanalpha CO., Ltd. Offering innovative solutions to security and protection, patrol, investigation and evidence collection , which is a new intelligent platform for hydrographic survey, marine ecological environment protection, fishery supervision and accident rescue, also applying to Port Public Security Bureau, Water Police, Coast Guard, Frontier Defense as well as Fishery Administration.

M75A High Speed Security Unmanned Patrol Boat

High Speed Security Unmanned Patrol Boat is a multi-purposed unmanned surface vessel which can achieve autonomous GPS navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance. With the integrated optoelectronic device and under-Water sonar, the USV is able to realize security patrol, target monitoring, identifying and tracking, evidence collection by taking photos and intercept suspecting.

M75A is made of first-class high strength fiberglass with carbon fiber and Kevlar ballistic fabric characterized anti-corrosion, anti-high salt, and low temperature resistance, adapting to extreme bad weather .

M75A High Speed Security Unmanned Patrol Boat

M75A is a medium-sized platform with 5*1.7*2.4m dimension, 750kg weight driven by diesel fuel; max speed reaching 35 knots, crusing ability reaching 120NM under the condition of SS-4, survived under the condition of SS-5; covered within 50km data communication ,30km video communication.

Multi-screens control base station is necessary for the multi-purposed platform on which different tasks and status can be displayed independently .

One of them is to display USV condition monitoring such as rotate speed, oil mass, oil temperature, electric quality, voltage, rudder angle and other performance index.

Another one is to display video and mission including real-time video from left, right and front camera; trajectory and mission status; navigation information; depth, length ,latitude and speed.

The last one is to display environment sensing,for instance, electronic chart, LIDAR, infrared imagery and side-scan sonar.

It is inevitable trend that unmanned systems take place of traditional artificial model in high-risk areas.


Dimension 5*1.7*2.4m
Material High strength fiberglass with carbon fiber and kevlar ballistic fabric
Power supply Desel fuel
Weight 750kg
Max. speed 35knot
Sea state SS-4
Communication: Data 50km
Communication:Video 30km
Crusing Ability 120NM