ME120 Oceanographic Survey Boat

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ME120 Oceanographic Survey Boat is mainly dedicated to hydrographic and oceanographic survey, surveillance field, which is developed by Oceanalpha Co., Ltd located in Zhuhai, China focusing on the research and development of Unmanned Survey Vessels, of which catamaran hull design ensures smooth cruising, watertight compartment ,crash proof and anti-sinking, hull weight 80kgs with 60kgs payload capability.

ME120 Oceanographic Survey Boat has autonomous navigation and intelligent obstacle avoidance standardized functions as well as real-time data transmission, long distance video monitoring , deploying sonar instruments like SBES, MBES, ADCP, SSS etc., mainly applying to coastal surveillance, port patrol, accident rescue in addition to hydrographic survey.

ME120 Oceanographic Survey Boat

ME120 is made of high strength fiber glass of which size is 2.1*1.2*0.7m, data communication transmitted by RF point to point within 5km range, video communication transmitted by Wifi within 2 km range,maximum speed reaching 2.5m/s along with 5 hours cruising ability.

The whole site of ME120 survey boat comprise the following parts:

1.  Unmanned surveillance boat with recharger;
2.  Remote controller & recharger;
3.  Communication data antenna and video antenna;
4.  Unmanned boat base station playing an important role in programming mission and monitoring data analysis and report output;
5.  Portable boat rack and flight case.

ME120 is applied to measuring and surveying task in South China Sea:

Project background:  Delegated by Oceanic administration of the South China sea branch, ME120 together with ship team leave for South China sea to carry out measurement task.

Equipment:  measurement USV (ME120),the single beam echo sounder HY1601;

Accomplishments achieved as follows:
1.  Finished 100KM, several area depth of water measurement
2.  The ship stay smooth, and data reliable under 3 level sea condition
3.  Sailing very well under dozens of meters depth of sea

ME120 Oceanographic Survey Boat information

ME120 autonomous unmanned survey boat is a member of the USVs family designed for hydrographic survey charting.

Abase station is developed in order to simplify the operation of this vehicle. The base station is able to receive various telemetric data of USV; the mapping equipment through wireless communication system allows operator to learn the status of the vehicle. Only one operator is needed to handle all the operation of the vehicle by using the designed base station.

The working principle of the USV is to realize autonomous navigation mapping according to the lines of survey and mapping set up in advance, which greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of surveying.

ME120 support carrying many brands of RTK, single beam and multi-beam echo sounder to achieve surveying data to be transmitted in real-time and output multiform bathymetric data; extreme shallow draft allows to arrive at the areas where traditional ships can not reach to conduct surveying work.


Dimension 2100*1200*700mm
Material High Strength fiberglass
Power 24v lithium battery
Data Communication RF point to point within 5km range
Video Communication Wifi within 2km range
Speed Maximum 2.5m/s
Cruising Ability 5 hours
Sea state Operate SS-3,SurveySS-4