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ESM30丨USV cooperates with UAV to monitor water quality

Time: June 2016
Equipment: ESM 30 USV, UAV
Background: Governor Zhu Xiaodan went to Shantou city, Guangdong province to investigate the effectiveness of comprehensive rectification of Lianjiang river. Oceanalpha’s USV, in collaboration with drones of provincial environmental school, provide first-hand water quality data quickly and accurately.
Main process: In surveys, drone can take off on USV, fly above river and shoot photos at night. While USV can detect the sewage outlet, water quality as well as monitor sewage discharge situation of companies, all of which can be important evidence in the law enforcement process.
Compared to the large amount of environmental supervision and enforcement tasks, the inspector manpower is in serious shortage.


“The number of sewage disposal enterprises in Guangdong is huge, and environmental law enforcement personnel are less than 1/4 of the national average. Only by the extensive application of advanced technology can we improve the efficiency and meet the increasingly severe environmental situation.”
Government officials said that drones and unmanned vessels are used to supervise law enforcement, and they have the advantages of quick respond, good maneuverability and wide inspection scope. Drones and unmanned vessels are not subject to space and geographical conditions, and can quickly go to spots that need to be monitored and quickly obtain evidence of illegal pollution.