SS30丨USV Handles with Water Pollution Emergency Caused by Tianjin Port Explosion | OceanAlpha


At about 23:30 on August 12, 2015, the dangerous goods warehouse of Ruihai Company in Tianjin Port of Tianjin was exploding. The total energy of the explosion in this accident equals about 450 tons of TNT.

More than 100 kinds of secondary pollutants were produced in this accident, which caused different degrees of pollution to the local atmospheric environment, water environment and soil environment.

Main process

Oceanalpha sent a team to assist in the water polluted area survey. The team took water sample form the following points by the SS30 USV:

—The explosion center;

—The drainage;

—The water outlet of Tianjin Port Wastewater Treatment Plant;

—The sea area around Tianjin Port.


Sampling was conducted every hour and 24 hours per day.