China Offshore Wind Farm Apply USV Intelligence Maintenance Solution | OceanAlpha

A series of the latest solutions and achievements about Unmanned Surface Vehicle(USV) marine application was showcased at the 2019 China Marine Economy Expo, a national class exhibition that has extensive influence in the international industry.

Among the eye-catching demonstrations, an unmanned solution about offshore wind farm operation and maintenance attracted the most attention from industry insiders and government officers.  The solution is featured with utilizing USVs to automatically monitor the scouring of pile foundations, submarine cables, offshore booster stations, etc., and map the surrounding underwater terrain to provide references for the subsequent construction of offshore wind farms, as well as provide reliable data support for daily operation and maintenance. The solution inventively addresses the dilemmas of long inspection cycle, high personal rick and heavy workload that conventional manned maintenance mode faced with.

Unmanned surfaced vehicle exhibited at the China Marine Economy Expo

This solution had been applied to actual use in Jiangsu province earlier this year. OceanAlpha, the company that developed these solutions, which is also the largest USV company in the country, inspected 38 wind turbines as well as the boosters and cables with its M80 USV, provided reliable and high efficient unmanned inspection service to the CGN New Energy Wind Farm.

M80 USV to be launched in CGN new energy wind farm

Lu Hao, Minister of Natural Resources, and Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, visited OceanAlpha’s booth to learn about its USV technology development and marine application innovation.