Dolphin1 Being Tested in The Surf of Main Beach | OceanAlpha

In the second month of 2020, lifesavers on Main Beach have been testing a new device to rescue swimmers without having to step into the surf, the electronic Dolphin1 buoy which is fast, safe and controlled by a remote.

In the practice, the Dolphin1 was able to negotiate with the wave and bring a lifesaver back to shore. 

“It’s recommended to carry up to 150kg but we had rescue 243kg before, that was 3 people”, commanded Christan Dagostin, distributor of Dolphin1 in Gold Coast.

According to the test, Dolphin1 could be deployed quickly into the surf reaching a speed of 15km an hour while being controlled solidly from the sand without putting any rescuer at risk.

It’s a new approach to a lifesaver on a paddleboard or jetski. “It’s not going to replace any of those existing equipment, but it’s awesome that there are more new gears to cope with different situations”, said Nathen Fife, co-ordinator of Surf Life Saving GC. The organization played a key role and provided lots of professional feedback among the test.

Journalist of 7 News Gold Coast reported the trial and address the Dolphin1 as “could be the future of surf life-saving”. 


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