Dolphin1 Smart Lifebuoy Return to CES 2020 With Honor | OceanAlpha

If you’re looking for a technology to enhance your water activity experience, there’s some good news from Las Vegas. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2020(CES), OceanAlpha, a specialist innovator in water drone, robotics, and AI technology, presented a critical technology for water safety, the Dolphin1 Smart Lifebuoy.

Having been launched and raised wide attention at CES 2019, the Dolphin1 hit the shelves in S1 of 2019 and now has been sold to 18 countries including the USA, Canada, England, Australia, China, and UAE.

After being tested by the market and various users, Dolphin1 returned to the CES with the honor of growing from a prototype to a reliable consumer product that is making real change to people’s lives, or even more, saving lives.

Dolphin 1 is an autonomous lifebuoy. A rescuer does not need to jump into the water with it and rush to where the drowning person is, as the device can do it on its own, faster than any skilled swimmer, while the rescuer can stay on the shore and operate it with a remote controller.

The Dolphin 1 is controlled by a simplified remote controller. Users have reported no difficulty when using it for the first time.

The two propellers can drive the Dolphin1 to a maximum speed of 7.8 miles per hour. It can provide a buoyancy that is equivalent to 2 regular buoys, allowing it to carry two people at a time. With two high penetration flashing lights, Dolphin1 is highly visible in over-long distances and in bad weather.





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