OceanAlpha 5G Police Unmanned Boat guards Shenzhen coastline | OceanAlpha

A few days ago, an OceanAlpha 5G police unmanned boat debuted in Shenzhen Bay to carry out water patrol missions.

To embed new technologies into city management, Shenzhen Nanshan Public Security Branch cooperated with Shenzhen Mobile, Huawei, and OceanAlpha to jointly develop and trial a 5G stereoscopic prevention and control system for Shenzhen Bay. This all-weather prevention and control system is formed by unmanned boats, drones, unmanned vehicles, and underwater robots.

As an important part of the defense line, the OceanAlpha 5G police unmanned boat is responsible for surface duties.

Equipped with high-definition cameras, remote IP horns, sonar, and other modular equipment, the boat is intended for tasks such as patrol and reconnaissance, warning, evacuation, and underwater detection.

Instead of manual patrols, the unmanned boat can transmit high-definition video to the command center in real-time, effectively assisting the investigation and crackdown on illegal acts such as waste dumping, stowing away, and smuggling at night.

In recent years, the construction of smart cities has placed higher demands on smart police and digital security. With the advantages of intelligence, safety and reliability, and all-weather operation, unmanned boats can improve policing efficiency and reduce costs, making them an important role in the 5G three-dimensional prevention and control system.