During April 9 to 11, 2019, the most influential event in the ocean technology industry, the Ocean Business 2019 was held in Southampton, UK.

OceanAlpha launched ME120 USV by deployment of Kongsberg M3 PHS system, successfully demonstrated as whole package survey solution in Southampton dockside. OceanAlpha International Business Division sales director Jason Liu presented the ME120 USV features and capabilities in hydrographic survey, following Kongsberg sales manager Aziah North and  product manager Alan Zhao with presentation of M3 PHS system

ME120 USV is detachable catamaran survey platform designed with on field assembly and quick transportation capabilities. Typically install with compact multibeam echo sounder to survey in harbour, channel and coastal area. Standard instrument payload 45Kg with maximum speed up to 5m/s, ME120 USV shows great endurance with 8 hours continuous survey at 2m/s. It is lithium power and easy to replace battery on site to extend endurance when it is necessary. In order to protect multi beam transducer and save battery energy, ME120 USV equip with automatic lifter for transducer rise and fall. 

Demonstrations went great success with M3 PHS, stable and low noise platform provide M3 PHS a good environment to generate quality data. Environment sensing such as PTZ camera monitoring and collision avoidance function ensure ME120 USV survey in a safe environment. The combination shows the highly developed and the promising future of the unmanned working mode in hydrographic surveying.

Base Station software that ME 120 used is specially developed by OceanAlpha for full autonomous control of USVs, it provide user friendly interface with mission planning, real time video and all communication control settings. Surveyor can also use software like Hypack/QIncy to program survey mission and export to USV base station software for autonomous navigation. With precise control, ME120 shows great run line tracking performance with yaw distance 0-0.1m which brings accurate survey coverage.

Not only to deploy M3 PHS system, ME120 USV is able to fit with other survey instruments that within payload and dimensions. Modular design gives ME120 enough flexibility to cope with different deployments. 

OceanAlpha have been focus on USV development and manufacturing over past years and just have its 9th birthday on 15 April, 2019. We provided unmanned monitoring and survey solution from inland to offshore in various water environment. With our expertise and passion, we keep working with our partner to serve our industrial clients worldwide .