Oceanalpha conduct joint demonstration with Teledyne Marine | OceanAlpha

The Teledyne Marine 2017 China Workshop was held at Qiandao Lake from February 28 to March 1, 2017.

Teledyne Marine fully demonstrated the group’s latest marine technologies and products through room lectures and live demonstrations and invited experts from around the world to share their valuable experience in marine applications. As an important part of the workshop, Oceanalpha brought 3 models of unmanned vehicles including the M80, ME120, and ME40, carrying various types of equipment of Teledyne Marine to present a demonstration on the lake. The show was successful and was unanimously approved by experts.

In this performance, Oceanalpha demonstrates a set of unmanned surface water solution to the expert audiences. Both new customers and experts who are already familiar with Teledyne Marine equipment products gave high prise to the showcase. Oceanalpha will work together with Teledyne Marine to provide users with better unmanned measurement and detection solutions.