OceanAlpha Features USV Portfolio at OI 2022 | OceanAlpha

Users will be able to choose a cost-effective and properly sized solution from its comprehensive portfolio.

The Hong Kong based Unmanned Surface Vessel manufacturer OceanAlpha is showcasing its innovative USV portfolio for inland hydrography survey, offshore operation and maintenance (O&M) and smart rescue solutions next week from 15th -17th March at the Oceanology International (OI 2022) in London.

One of the key highlights is the M40P multi-function USV. Bringing innovation to the offshore operation and maintenance sector, the M40P utilizes a unique design to achieve maximum performance in stability and data acquisition, delivering powerful capability with clean energy and low noise operation.

Image courtesy of OceanAlpha

By marrying key design attributes of range extender with catamaran hull structure, M40P is surprising the market with a robust set of high-performance features. It provides customers with a flexible, cost-effective and properly sized solution for hydrographic survey, site & route survey, construction inspection and seabed exploration. Responding to the industry’s growing trend towards uncrewed and carbon neutral, the intelligent, low consumption performance of the M40P is a viable solution that meets offshore survey needs and supports a carbon-reducing strategy.

To welcome the return of this most anticipated industry event, OceanAlpha is uniting with its French distributor CADDEN to present an enticing interaction space at booth #G450 in the central area of the show. In addition to regular product displays, various high-tech elements are introduced to improve the visitor experience. Attendees can browse 3D product models through an interactive screen or video-chat with a representative from the manufacturing department to get advice from the product aspect. Attendees can also enjoy the fun of driving a USV in person at the waterfront demonstration, held from 11:30 to 12:00 every day in CABIN 1 at the dockside.

Image courtesy of CADDEN

For attendees who can’t wait to learn more about the company’s technology updates or are unable to visit the show in person, there is a webinar with the topic of “Extending Your Offshore Survey Capability with OceanAlpha USV Fleet”. The webinar will be held on March 9th online to share abundant fresh information about USV innovations and applications. Click this link to attend or watch the replay.

“After 4 years, we’re excited to join the industry in returning to OI – both in-person and virtually, ” said Jason Liu, sales director of OceanAlpha. “We’re looking forward to sharing OceanAlpha’s latest offerings and product innovations in USVs.”

In addition to the M40P USV, OI attendees can see the following solutions:

The SL20 is a compact and portable unmanned surface vessel for bathymetry surveys. Its 177cm moon pool supports the flexible deployment of different instruments like ADCP and echo sounder. With a length of 1 meter and weighing 15 kg, it’s easy for one man to operate and transport. Its powerful battery and low power consumption provide 6 hours of endurance at 3 knots.
Click this link to watch the product demo.

The SL40 is a waterjet-propelled unmanned surface vessel (USV) for multibeam bathymetric surveys. The innovative waterjet propeller allows the USV to sail at 5m/s and effectively avoid being entangled in water plants or debris. The USV comes with a collision avoidance system and RTK. And it can be controlled by either a base station or a remote controller. It can carry survey instruments up to 15kg, making it the most economical platform for smaller-sized multibeam echo sounders like R2Sonic 2020 MBES.
Click this link to watch the product demo.

Integrated with comprehensive searching, data, communication and rescue modules, m75 is an ideal smart vessel for maritime surveillance and rescue. The photoelectric pod enables M75 to search at night and take high-resolution photos for evidence. Using LTE communication, M75 can communicate with the base station within 15km and send back videos and data in real-time.
Click this link to watch the case demo.

Dolphin 1
The Dolphin 1 is a self-powered electric water rescue sled directed by a remote controller. It’s an innovative technology that fills the gap between traditional foam buoys and jet skis as it is more precise, cheaper to deploy, and safer for rescuers.
Click this link to watch the product demo.

For more information on OceanAlpha products featured at the OI 2022, visit OceanAlpha booth #G450. Additional information on the complete portfolio of OceanAlpha’s USVs can be found at www.oceanalpha.com .