OceanAlpha Releases A New Generation of Marine Unmanned Surface Vessels | OceanAlpha

At the China Ocean Economy Expo held on October 15, OceanAlpha released two new multi-purpose marine unmanned surface vessels(USVs), breaking through the technical barriers faced by most current unmanned marine survey platforms, and bringing revolutionary solutions to the marine survey industry .

OceanAlpha held the product launch conference online and offline at its stand and released two autonomous multi-purpose marine USVs, including a new generation of L25 marine survey USV and M40P multi-purpose USV.

L25 marine survey USV being showcased at OceanAlpha’s stand

Dr. Pu Jinjing, General Manager of OceanAlpha R&D, introduced that the two products have achieved major breakthroughs in six dimensions including endurance, communication, navigation attitude, measurement capability, safety, and ease of maintenance. They perfectly address the technical problems of the autonomous retracting of winch and the reduction of vibration and noise. The signal-to-noise ratio of acoustic equipment can be reduced by more than 20% during operation, while the cable capacity of the winch is up to 200 meters. The endurance of the 4-meter-scale unmanned ship has been revolutionized to more than 72 hours, which can better meet the needs of offshore operations.

M40P USV working on the sea

Compared with previous products, the new generation of OceanAlpha’s marine USVs have a higher degree of modularity. The spacious deck area improves the payload capacity and expandability. The catamaran design allows the USVs to roll less than 10 degrees under SS4 to achieve better stability. The oil-electric hybrid mode can provide longer-lasting and stronger power for long-tern survey missions.