Las Vegas –OceanAlpha, the world’s leading and largest supplier of unmanned surface vessels (USV), was pleased to announce that it unveiled a new product Smart Jetboard FF I at CES 2019 which opened on January 8. Different to the Smart Lifebuoy the company launched earlier, the Smart Jetboard can serve as both a lifebuoy and a jetboard.

The Smart Jetboard FF I is a three-segment board about 1 meter long and 0.8 meters wide, weighing 13 kilograms. It employs a dual-jet pump with a battery life of 30 minutes and a maximum speed of 5m/s, providing excellent performance.

As a water entertainment device, the Smart Jetboard comes with direction and speed buttons that allow the user to lie comfortably and safely on the board and easily navigate the board.

The Smart Jetboard FF I is a three-segment board about 1 meter long and 0.8 meters wide, weighing 10 kilograms

The average speed of other similar products is about 1m/s, but OceanAlpha achieved 3m/s which creates a better experience of surfing. Compared with other similar jetboard products on the market, the Smart Jetboard is easier to operate and much safer and thus can serve a wider range of users. The Smart Jetboard can surf smoothly through the waves, providing more entertaining features than the current electric kickboards and swim-aid boards on the market. It is the choice for individuals and water park operators to use on yachts, beaches, islands, and other aquatic sports.

The Smart Jetboard can also be used as a smart lifebuoy. The traditional foam lifebuoy, with limited throwing range and low accuracy, is easy to miss the golden time for rescue. With the Smart Jetboard, one simply has to throw it on the water and remotely drive it to the drowning person. It has a control distance of 500 meters and can carry two adults. What’s more, the Smart Jetboard can be turned on once it hits the water, saving valuable rescue time. It can be used on both sides and has self-righting function in case it is overturned by waves. It can be used in swimming pools, reservoirs, rivers, beaches, yachts, ferries and other rescue scenes.

The Smart Jetboard is expected to partially replace the traditional lifebuoy and become one of the standard devices for major attractions, marinas and tourist destinations. With entertainment and life-saving functions, the Smart Jetboard will be the first of its kind in the water entertainment equipment market. Coupled with its superior quality and performance, it is an innovative product with great market potential.