OceanAlpha USV Deployed in A Joint Law Enforcement exercise between China, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand | OceanAlpha

On November 20th, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Thailand conducted a joint water law enforcement exercise on the Mekong river. China deployed USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel) from OceanAlpha for patrol, reconnaissance, and rescue operations.

SL40 USV departs for an exploration mission

The exercise was carried out by hundreds of law enforcement personnel and eight vessels from the four countries. More than 200 representatives watched the demonstration.

OceanAlpha’s USV participated in two sessions: jointly search & arrest and suspicious item salvage. 

In the exercise, a suspect dived and fled to an island, making it difficult for law enforcement officers to access as the underwater conditions are unknown and the current is turbulent. An SL40 USV equipped with optoelectronic equipment was sent out to conduct covert investigations. The USV, equipped with a jet pump propeller and autonomous obstacle avoidance, quickly approached the island, quietly captured the surroundings of the suspect, and transmitted real-time high-definition images to the on-site command center. The real-time information provides an important reference for the subsequent arrest.

SL40USV and Dolphin 1 on standby

When salvaging suspicious items, a Dolphin 1 robot and the frogman set off at the same time to cooperate with the latter for long-term salvage in complex waters. Dolphin 1 can provide lifesaving buoyancy to exhausted or troubled personnel at any time.


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