Singapore Water Supplies Department Promotes USV Technology | OceanAlpha

Date : 2018.07

From July 8 to 12, Oceanalpha is co-exhibiting with Singapore PUB Water Supplies Department at Singapore International Water Week to promote unmanned surface vessel(USV) as a new officially-recognized technology to conduct water management.

The International Water Week is the largest water process event in the world that brings together the world’s top water companies.

Oceanalpha’s FC70 USV was unveiled as the latest technology for water quality monitoring at the Singapore Public Utilities Bureau and was promoted at its official booth.

The stratified sampling function of the FC70 boat has attracted lots of attention at the event.

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Surrounded by seawater, Singapore faced a shortage of water supply in the early days, and 80% of freshwater relied on imports. However, through long-term scientific planning, Singapore has gradually achieved self-sufficiency in water supply and has become a model for water process in Asia and the world.

To promote the sharing and innovation of water solutions, and to build an international communication platform, the Singapore government launched the “Singapore International Water Week” (SIWW), which has been successfully held for eight sessions since 2008. Oceanalpha, with its innovative water quality environment monitoring unmanned surface boat technology, provides a lot of valuable data for water treatment work, becomes a popular guest of the event.

Oceanalpha and the Singapore Public Utilities Bureau have jointly launched the Singapore Reservoir Unmanned Ship Monitoring Technology Application project. At present, the pilot project has been successfully completed and the full project will be widely launched in Singapore.

Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Sri Lankan Prime Minister listened to the introduction of the FC70 boat
Customers inquireS about Oceanalpha’s USV at SIWW