USV Light Show Creates New Landmark for Yancheng City | OceanAlpha

On the evening of April 15, an unmanned boat light show was successfully held in Nanhai Future City, Yancheng. This light show was starred by OceanAlpha’s unmanned surface vessels (USVs).

On the surface of the artificial lake, a spectacular space was created for the audiences that integrated rich elements such as lights, images, installations, and music.

66 USVs equipped with ice screens, beam lights, laser lights, and other equipment moved freely on the water surface and changed into different formation shapes. The screen mounted on the USV displayed multiple image combinations to interpret a moving love story.

The USVs have to be accurately positioned on the water according to the plot design. The spacing, speed, and positioning of the USVs need to be particularly accurate. A slight error will destroy the atmosphere of the performance. This post extremely high technical requirements for the collaboration control of USV formations.

The size of electronic screens carried on USVs varies, some even up to 2 meters, resulting in that the navigation of the USVs are affected by wind to different degrees. Therefore, in addition to the current wave resistance, the USVs also have to deal with the real-time change of wind to achieve precise positioning, which is a great challenge for the crew. It took the team months to design, test and polish the performance.

OceanAlpha creatively combines unmanned boat performance with local culture to create an innovative show for different cities, which is a great tool to create a new cultural IP and landmark.

The USV light show was jointly planned by Yannan High-tech Zone and OceanAlpha. From April 16, 2020, the show will perform at 19:30 and 20:30 every nigh for local citizens and tourists.