CL40Y 1 e1552269751535

Remote controlled survey boat

Screw high speed platform for water discharge and bathymetry measurement

CL40Y 1 ecosounder img CL40Y 1

Easy deploy with ADCP and ecosounder

Dedicated cabin to install instruments like ADCP, ecosounder, side scan sonar with a diameter of 5 to 18cm.

base station 21 e1553849027374

Automatic mission planning

  • Both the USV and the instruments are operated by the base station.
  • The USV can complete pre-planned missions autonomously and data can be sent back to operators in real-time.
CL40Y 3 higher speed img 22 e1553849134201

Higher speed, less maintenance

The CL40Y has a plug and play outboard motor, high speed capabilities and is easy to maintain.

CL40Y 4 Stable sailing img e1551685029963 20 e1553848675593

Stable sailing

The trimaran hull design improves the stability of the USV while sailing at high speeds.


MaterialFiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber
Communication RangeAutopilot:5km    Remote Control:2km
Maximum Speed1.5m/s
Endurance3 hours

Application Case

  • 2
    CL40Y丨 USV conduct flow measurement in Huangyang river
  • CL40Y.408 e1551691134164
  • .24 e1551691153892
  • .26 e1551691175225
  • .27 e1551691215429


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