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Remote controlled survey boat

High speed screw-propelled USV for water discharge and bathymetry measurement

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Rapid installation with ADCP and echosounder

Instruments, like ADCPs, ecosounders and side scan sonars, with diameter of 5 cm to 18 cm can be rapidly installed to the dedicated cabin on the USV.

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Flexible operation with remote controller

The USV is operated by the remote controller, user can enjoy a higher level of flexibility and safety in harsh working environment.

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Higher speed, less maintenance

With a plug and play design, the high speed outboard  propellers are easy to maintain.

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Stable sailing

The trimaran hull design highly improve the sailing stability in high speed.


Hull MaterialFiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber
Dimension(L)163 cm *(W)71 cm *(H)37 cm
Weight33 kg
Payload15 kg
Draft25 cm
PropulsionElectric outboard propeller
Obstacle Avoidance10 m
Communication RangeRemote Control: 1 km
Max. Speed10 knots (5 m/s)
Battery Life4 hours @1.5 m/s



Application Case

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    CL40Y丨 USV conduct flow measurement in Huangyang river
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