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Autonomous Water Sampling & Monitoring Boat

Autonomously collect water samples and quality data from multiple spots

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Multi-area water sampling

  • The USV can collect 4 bottles of 1.8L water samples from different areas  0.5m under the water’s surface.
  • It has 4 separated tunnels to avoid cross pollution.
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Online water sampling & quality monitoring reports

The sampling and monitoring data can be transmitted to the base station in real-time and generate water quality parameter charts automatically.

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Automatic mission planning

  • Both the USV and the surveying instruments are controlled by the base station. The USV can autonomously complete surveys and send the data back to operators in real-time.
  • Operators can also control the USV manually using the remote controller.
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Intelligent collision avoidance

  • With the ultrasound sensors, the USV can detect obstacles up to 10 meters ahead to avoid collision.
  • In manual mode, operators can observe water environments using a real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles.
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Dimensions1150*750*430 mm
Weight31 kg
MaterialFiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber
Obstacle AvoidanceDetect obstacle within 10m
Communication RangeAutopilot: 5km    Remote Control: 2km
Sampling Capacity1.8L * 4
Water Sampling Depth0.3-0.5m
Water MonitoringTemperature, pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity,etc. Depends on sensor configuration
Maximum Speed1.5m/s
Endurance3 hours


Application Case

  • 3
    ESM30 conducts autonomous water sampling and monitoring
  • 16
    ESM30丨USV collect water samples from 53 lakes
  • 4
    ESM30丨USV cooperates with UAV to monitor water quality
  • 13
    USV assists in polluted water management by autonomous water sampling and monitoring
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