M300 | Unmanned Surface Vehicle丨OceanAlpha

Autonomous Firefighting Vessel

Fast-response in marine fire emergency

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Unmanned firefighter

Equipped with a water cannon, the M300 USV can respond briskly to marine fire accident.

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LTE communication within 15km

Basing on LTE communication, the USV can interact with the base station within 15km and send back real-time video and data.

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Quick response to emergency

The USV runs on a high speed water jet motor and the maximum speed can reach 30 kn, facilitating quick response to emergencies.

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Multi-screen control base station

The multi-screen control base station can be deployed in shore-based command centers, mother ships, moving vehicles and other scenarios.


Dimension(L)7.5 x (W)2.7 m x (H)2.2 m
Weight3.75 t
Max. Speed46 knot
PropulsionOutboard Propeller
Draft (Full load)60 cm
Operation Sea State4
Communication Range15 km
Endurance300 nm

Application Case

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    • 便携三屏基站贴图


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