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Autonomous Survey Boat

Long endurance multi-functional platform for hydrographic surveying

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Large capacity for oceanographic survey instruments

The M80 USV can carry up to 150kg of hydrographic & geophysical instruments to conduct multi- purposed hydrographic surveys in deep oceans.

Singlebeam echo sounderMultibeam echo sounder ADCP3D LiDAR scanner
Sub-bottom profiler
Side scan sonarForward-looking sonarWater quality sonde
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Longer endurance, faster speed

  • With a 350 (gallon liter) fuel tank, the USV can sail for 50 hours continuously in one lifetime. (looking for clarification on what is meant by “lifetime”, one battery cycle or entire lifetime until it needs to be replaced)
  • The USV can sail up to 12kn/s with the high power water-jet propellor.
M80 04 equipment M80 2

Better protection to equipment

The automatic flipper built in the center of the USV can store the surveying equipment while sailing to protect transducers and improve sailing speed.

M80 06 upper M80 5

Upper level of collision avoidance

Deployed with 4G Radar, an HD camera and LiDAR, the M80 USV can achieve an upper level of collision avoidance.

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Automatic multi-purpose survey

  • Both the USV and the survey instruments are operated by the base station.Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the USV can autonomously complete pre-planned, multi-purpose surveys and send data back to operators in real-time.
  • Operators can also control the USV manually within a 2km distance by using the remote controller .
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Intelligent collision avoidance

The USV is mounted with millimeter-wave radar which can detect obstacles up to 50 meters ahead to avoid collision when in auto mode. Operators can observe water environments using the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles when operating in manual mode.


Transport Dimensions5.65×2.1×2.4m
Designed Displacement1250kg
Sea StateOperational SS-3
Survival SS-5
Maximum Speed12 kn
Operating Speed6-8 kn
Operating Range20hrs
Max Payload150kg  approx 0.9m³
Communicaion Range15km
Water Barrier Distance Detection75m

Application Case

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    M80 USV Conducts the Underwater Topographic Survey in The Antarctica
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    M40 & M80 USV Surveys Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Piles and Cable Scouring
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