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ME120 profile

Hydrographic Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Convertible catamaran USV platform for hydrographic survey

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Quick assembly and easy transportation

The ME120 utilizes a detachable catamaran design, making it easy for van transportation and for two people to assemble and disassemble.

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Dedicated for small-size multibeam sonars

The ME120 USV is dedicated to multibeam sonars, side scan sonars, and other survey instruments of a relatively smaller size.

Singlebeam echo sounder Multibeam echo sounder  ADCP 3D LiDAR scanner
Side-scan sonar Forward-looking sonar Water quality sonde
M120 cabin ME120 601

Replaceable equipment cabin

The payload cabin of the ME120 USV is replaceable, user can freely change and install different instruments according to mission requirements.

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Automatic mission planning

  • User can pre-program the survey mission with the base station on the bank. The USV and instruments can conduct surveys autonomously and send back real-time data.
  • User can also drive the USV manually by a remote controller.
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Intelligent collision avoidance

  • The ME120 USV comes with ultrasonic sensors that can detect obstacles 40 meters ahead to avoid collision when in auto-pilot mode.
  • Operators can observe the water environment through a real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles when operating in manual mode.


Hull Material Carbon fiber
Dimension (L)2.5 m *(W)1.4 m*(H)0.75m 
Weight 150 kg
Battery weight 60 kg
Payload 45 kg
Draft 45 cm
Propulsion Duct type thruster
Collision Avoidance Millimeter Wave Radar
Communication Range Autopilot: 5 km    Remote Control: 1 km
Max. Speed  10 knots (5 m/s)
Survey Speed 4 knots (2 m/s)
Battery Life 8h @ survey speed
Video Monitoring Yes
Multi Missions Yes
Automatic Transducer Lifter Yes

Application Case

  • ME120 USV surveys the yellow river
    Compact USV ME120 Carried Out Multibeam Mapping on A Sediment-laden River
  • ME120 USV Conduct Multibeam Survey in Wanjiazhai Reservoirs
  • me120
    ME120 surveys water transfer channels with side scan sonar
  •  e1566454849931
    ME120 Conducts Mobile Total Phosphorus Survey to Assist Water Pollution Management
  • ME120 USV with CTD
    ME120 USVs Grouped Up to Survey Ocean Surface with CTD
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  • IMG 6627 e1551691336326
  • IMG 6657 e1551691348178

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