Autonomous Survey Boat

One-stop hydrographic surveying solution

40 instrument background 40 instrument mb bg

Rapid installation with ADCP and echosounder

Instruments, like ADCPs, ecosounders and side scan sonars, with diameter of 5 cm to 18 cm can be rapidly installed to the dedicated cabin on the USV.

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Automatic mission planning

  • User can pre-program the survey mission with the base station on the bank. The USV and instruments can conduct surveys autonomously and send back real-time data.
  • User can also drive the USV manually by a remote controller.
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Intelligent collision avoidance

  • With the ultrasonic sensors, the ME40 USV can detect and bypass obstacles 10 meters ahead to avoid collision.
  • In manual mode, user can observe water environment by the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles.
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Higher speed, less maintenance

With a plug and play design, its high speed outboard  motor is easy to maintain.


Dimensions1630*710*370 mm
Weight33 kg
Obstacle Avoidance10 m
MaterialFiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber
CommunicationRF point to point bidirectional communication
Communication RangeRemote control          1km
Data Telemetry          2km
Maximum Speed5m/s
Endurance4 hours @ 1.5 m/s
Payload15 kg

Application Case

    USV Conducts Sewage Pipeline Detection and Water Quality Monitoring On A dangerous River Sector
  • 8
    ME40 Conducts Autonomous Bathymetric Survey in Zhenjiang city
  • 9
    ME40 丨OceanAlpha Delivers Innovative USV Solution to Mining Industry
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  • ME40.214 e1551691863184
  • ME40.216 e1551691877751
  • ME40.225 e1551691889645
  • ME40.2151 e1553051637553
  • ME40s e1553051684736


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