Autonomous Sampling Boat

An intelligent solution to collect your water samples from multiple spots

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Multiple spot water sampling

The SS30 USV can collect 4 bottles of 1.8L water samples from different spots 0.5m under the water’s surface. It uses 4 separated tunnels to avoid cross pollution.

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Flexible operation with remote controller

The USV is operated by a remote controller so user can enjoy a higher level of flexibility and safety in harsh working environment.


MaterialFiberglass composite with Kevlar&carbon fiber
Communication RangeAutopilot:5km    Remote Control:2km
Sampling Capacity1.8L*4
Water Sampling Depth0.3-0.5 m
Maximum Speed1.5m/s

Application Case

  • SS30.76 e1551156549126
    SS30丨USV Handles with Water Pollution Emergency Caused by Tianjin Port Explosion
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  • SS30 FRONT VIEW e1551691485761
  • SS30 OPEN BACK VIEW e1551691504919
  • SS30 OPEN DETAIL 副本 e1551691520133
  • SS30 OPEN FRONT VIEW e1551691537181


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