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Due to recent coronavirus outbreak, Dolphin 1 Remote Control Lifebuoy was tested to deliver supplies to a ship to avoid close contact between personnel, it has an incredible pulling and towing strength, up to 150kg load and range of 500meters.

Dolphin1 in Action  (Watch the Video Demo on Youtube)

  1. Dolphin1 fitted out with a backpack system.

  1. Dolphin1can be launched, transported and retrieved by one person.


  1. Dolphin1 reach the target vessel quickly directed by a remote control

4.The crew on the board can collect the supply by using a hook or line lift.



The Dolphin 1 was launched in the open sea for a ripple test, this modified unit comes with a backpack system used for transporting supplies between ships, this test has proven its effectiveness under Sea State 2.

Dolphin1 remote control buoy is a new generation of surface rescue robots independently developed by OceanAlpha. It is propelled by electric propellers and has a load of 150 kg. It is fast and portable, and can continuously resupply target ships.

In addition, Dolphin1 has passed the rigorous test of being thrown at a height of 26 meters. After obtaining the supplies, the crew can throw it directly from the ship into the water.

The most effective method for epidemic prevention and control is isolation. OceanAlpha’s unmanned surface vehicles can be used in scenarios such as water law enforcement, transportation resupply, and water rescue through remote control to avoid human contacts in special periods.


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