M75 | Unmanned Surface Vehicle丨OceanAlpha

Autonomous Surveillance & Rescue Vessel

for high-speed surveillance with outstanding performance during night shifts

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Dedicated for Surveillance and Rescue

Integrated with comprehensive searching, data, communication and rescue modules, m75 is an ideal smart vessel for maritime surveillance and rescue.

Search ModuleInformationHelp Module
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Outstanding Performance at Night

The photoelectric pod enables M75 to search at night and take high resolution photos for evidence.

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Ultra Long Communication Distance

Using LTE communication, M75 can communicate with the base station within 15km and send back videos and data in real-time.

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Smart rescue equipment

M75 can be deployed with rescue equipment like ejectable life-raft, remote controlled life lifebuoy to conduct rescuing missions in different water environment.

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Fleet Operation

M75 can autonomously team up to conduct massive-scale search & rescue missions to locate victims .

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Quick emergency response

M75 runs on a high-speed water jet propeller that can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots,  enabling it to respond to emergencies promptly.

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Multi-screen control base station

The multi-screen control base station can be deployed in a shore-based command center, on a mothership, or in a moving vehicle, depending on the scenario.


USV Parameters
Dimension(L)5.28 m*(W) 1.7 m*(H)2.5 m
Weight1250 kg
Payload200 kg
Draft0.4 m
Communication Range15 km
Max. Speed30 kn (15 m/s)
Battery Life>120 nm
Survival Sea StateSS-4
Survival Equipment Parameters
Crew Capacity6 Persons
Package Dimension0.46 m * 0.8 m
WeightAbout 35 kg
Life Raft Dimension1.82*1.82*1.2 m
Items in Life RaftFreshwater, food, medicine etc

Application Case

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    M75 丨USV Rescues Two Drowning Victims From South China Sea
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  • IMG 7888 e1553051115192
  • IMG 7927
  • IMG 7958 e1553051161532
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