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The use of a USV can assist in surveying a wind farm to obtain sufficient and reliable information on the nature of the seabed to permit a safe and economic design, the installation and maintenance, which helps developers achieve minimum investments and the highest efficiency.

Case Study

  • 01 2
    Offshore Wind Farm Scouring and Cable Survey by OceanAlpha USV
  • L25 large unmanned surface vehicle for oceanography survey
    L25 USV Conduct Multibeam Mapping to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
  • dolphin 1 deliver mooring lines
    Dolphin 1 Assists to Deploy Long Mooring Lines
  •  7 e1553492065326
    M40 & M80 USV Surveys Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Piles and Cable Scouring

Product Solution

  • M40 profile

    A state of the art hydrographic platform designed for multi beam survey

  • M40P 380x245 1

    Long endurance USV for efficient data acquisition in the field of offshore energy exploration

  • M80B2 2.3 e1551756380349

    Long endurance multifunctional platform for hydrographic survey

  • L25 380x245 1

    The L25 USV can carry up to 200kg of hydrographic & geophysical instruments to conduct multi-purposed physical oceanographic surveys and biological environment monitoring on the deep sea.