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The safety of rescuers is a significant issue and must be ensured in any circumstance, including during maritime search and rescue operations. Rescuers are forced to adapt to extreme conditions or must suspend operations due to external factors quite often. However, rescue response time is a major factor in the success of these types of operations, due to the reduced survival time of victims. USV assets can complement the role of search and rescue (SAR) teams because of their ability to operate in dangerous scenarios and under adverse environmental conditions without risking the rescuer’s lives. The OceanAlpha USV is a high-speed autonomous vessel that can assist SAR teams in detecting, locating, and rescuing humans that are in danger. It can be equipped with various tools for saving human lives such as life rafts, buoys, or even remote controlled flotation devices.

Case Study

  • D1
    Emergency Response Team Trained for the Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy
  • 图片5
    OceanAlpha Assists Water Rescuing Exercises for Operation Team of CGNR Offshore Wind Farm
  • dolphin 1 deliver mooring lines
    Dolphin 1 Assists to Deploy Long Mooring Lines
  • dolphin1 deliver goods
    Dolphin1 Deliver Supplies Between Ships
  • dolphin1 sl40 usv
    Dolphin1 Deployed in A Joint Law Enforcement Exercise
  • dolphin1 brighton beach
    Lifeguards in Brighton Beach Trialing Dolphin 1 Remote-control Buoy
  • Perth Royal Yacht club Deployed Dolphin1
  • 7
    M75 丨USV Rescues Two Drowning Victims From South China Sea

Product Solution

  • Dolphin1
    Dolphin 1

    A revolutionary remote-controlled life preserver

  • Stretcher
    Stretcher Bed

    The remote control stretcher bed is a rescuing device embeds with a power system. It can be cased to water on shore or on avessel and be directed by a remote controller to rescue victims.

  • M75 380x245 1

    High-speed surveillance and outstanding performance at night shifts

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