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Autonomous Survey Boat

Unique waterjet hydrographic surveying USV platform

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Rapid installation with ADCP and echosounder

Instruments, like ADCPs, eco sounders and side scan sonars, within diameter of 5 cm to 18 cm can be rapidly installed to the dedicated cabin on the USV.

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Automatic mission planning

  • Operator can pre-program the survey mission with the base station on the bank. The USV and instruments can conduct surveys autonomously and send back real-time data.
  • User can also drive the USV manually by a remote controller.
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Intelligent collision avoidance

  • Equip with radar sensors, SL40 USV can detect obstacles and avoid collision.
  • In manual mode, user can observe water environment via real-time video to improve navigation safety.
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Higher speed & tangling free

The innovative water jet thruster brings SL40 USV to top speed 5m/s and effectively avoid being entangled by water plants or debris.

SL40Y 05 sailing 16 1 e1553847850194

Stable sailing

The trimaran hull design highly improve the sailing stability in high speed.


Hull MaterialCarbon fiber
Dimension(L)160 cm *(W)70 cm *(H)40 cm
Weight35 kg
Payload15 kg
Draft15 cm
PropulsionElectric water-jet propeller
Communication RangeAutopilot: 2 km    Remote Control: 1 km
Max. Speed 12 knots (6 m/s)
Battery Life6 hours @1.5 m/s


Application Case

  • SL40 USV surveying at night
    SL40 & SL20 USV Measure River Velocity With ADCP in Jiangmen
  • 5 e1561715156157
    USV Assist In Pollution Remediation of Yangtze River
  • SE40 SAMPLING e1562226514983
    USV Conducts Sewage Pipeline Detection and Water Quality Monitoring On A dangerous River Sector
  • 8 e1562654875556
    SL40 USV Conducts Mutibeam Echosounder Survey With A R2Sonic 2020 MBES
  • SL40 pipeline inspection
    SL40 Unmanned Boat Unveils Illegal Sewage Pipes
  • SL40 USV-8
  • IMG 7975 e1557281925735
  • SL40 USV-2
  • SL40 USV-2
  • SL40 USV-4
  • SL40 USV-3
  • SL40 USV-5
  • SL40 USV-6
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  • .527 e1551753973219
  • .532 e1551691625183
  • .533 e1551691636148
  • .529 e1551691613950


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