SL40 USV Conducts Mutibeam Echosounder Survey With A R2Sonic 2020 MBES | OceanAlpha

On June 27, an OceanAlpha SL40 autonomous survey boat was sailing on Loire river in Nantes, France to conduct an autonomous multibeam echosounder survey, giving us a brand new angle to appreciate the beauty of this precious world heritage.

The solution scheme and demonstration were carried out by CADDEN Technology Services at R2D3 conference.

USV : OceanAlpha SL40 Autonomous Survey Boat

MBES: R2Sonic 2020

IMU: SBG Systems Ekinox D


Event highlight montages

Nearly raw data overlaying in a 3D Google earth view

About OceanAlpha SL40 USV

The 1.6-meter-long SL40 is a unique waterjet hydrographic survey USV. It can carry 15 kg of survey instrument which making it the most economical platform for smaller-sized multibeam echo sounder like R2Sonic 2020 MBES.


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