SL40 Deploys Multiple Sensors to Conduct Underwater and Above-water Survey | OceanAlpha

To maximize the efficiency of SL40 USV, our excellent partner CADDEN

had added 5 equipments on the USV, making the total survey payload as:

– Embedded survey computer running QPS QINSY

– R2Sonic, LLC 2020 (Multibeam Echosounder)

– Valeport MiniSVS (Sound velocity sensor)

– Velodyne Lidar, Inc. VLP-16 (Lidar)

– SBG Systems Ekinox D / QINERTIA (Inertial navigation system and post processing software)

SL40 sailing on river

MBES mounting

MBES and lidar result

At the field test, a clear underwater map and a 3D image above water were generated, proving the excellent stability of SL40 as an equipment platform.


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