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Small USV

  • Ss40 02
    SE40 1.6 m; 5 m/s; 25 kg

    SE40 is a multi-function autonomous boat platform integrated with a 4-bottle water sampler system.

  • Ss20 02
    SS20 1.05 m; 4 m/s; 10 kg

    One-man-operated & single point water sampling solution

  • SL20 02
    SL20 1.05 m; 4 m/s; 10 kg

    An auto-pilot one-man operation platform for ADCPs

  • SL40Y profile
    SL40 1.6 m; 5 m/s; 25 kg

    Waterjet auto platform for water discharge and bathymetry survey

  • SL40Y profile
    SL40Y 1.6 m; 6 m/s; 15 kg

    Waterjet RC platform for water discharge and bathymetry measurement

  • Dolphin1
    Dolphin 1 1.19 m;3.3 m/s;32 kg

    A revolutionary remote-controlled life preserver

  • Stretcher
    Stretcher Bed 1.68 m;4.7 m/s;30 kg

    The remote control stretcher bed is a rescuing device embeds with a power system. It can be cased to water on shore or on avessel and be directed by a remote controller to rescue victims.

  • MC120
    MC120 2.86 m;1.4 m/s;140 kg

    Autonomous water surface cleaning solution

Medium USV

  • M40 profile
    M40 3.5 m; 7 knots; 60 kg

    A state of the art hydrographic platform designed for multi beam survey

  • M40P 380x245 1
    M40P 4.5 m; 7 knots; 80 kg

    Long endurance USV for efficient data acquisition in the field of offshore energy exploration

  • M80B2 2.3 e1551756380349
    M80 5.65 m; 10 knots; 200 kg

    Long endurance multifunctional platform for hydrographic survey

  • M75 380x245 1
    M75 5.3 m; 26 knots; 50 kg

    High-speed surveillance and outstanding performance at night shifts

Large USV

  • L25 380x245 1
    L25 7.5 m; 10 knots; 200 kg

    The L25 USV can carry up to 200kg of hydrographic & geophysical instruments to conduct multi-purposed physical oceanographic surveys and biological environment monitoring on the deep sea.

  • Cloudborne
    Cloudborne 46.8 m; 12 knots; 242 t

    Next generation of maritime transportation