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OceanAlpha makes unmanned surface vessels (USVs) for water quality professionals that sample, monitor, or survey large areas of water surfaces. Traditional methods require at least two technicians in a full-sized boat, going from site to site to collect samples or make measurements. The use of a USV reduces the amount of time, labor and equipment needed to collect water quality data when compared to traditional methods. Agencies have seen more than 6x more improvements in efficiency, while simultaneously reducing risk by keeping technicians and full-sized vessels on shore.

Case Study

  •  e1566454849931
    ME120 Conducts Mobile Total Phosphorus Survey to Assist Water Pollution Management
  • MM70 USV Conduct Water Quality Monitoring on Plateau Lake
  • 5 e1561715156157
    USV Assist In Pollution Remediation of Yangtze River
  • SL40 USV-7
    SL40 USV Conducts Underwater Topography Survey To A Navigable River Section
  • 16
    ESM30丨USV collect water samples from 53 lakes
  • 4
    ESM30丨USV cooperates with UAV to monitor water quality
  • SS30.76 e1551156549126
    SS30丨USV Handles with Water Pollution Emergency Caused by Tianjin Port Explosion
  • 3
    ESM30 conducts autonomous water sampling and monitoring

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