The OceanAlpha USV is a state of the art performance survey boat with extraordinary performance. It integrates a single beam/multi beam echo sounder, GNSS/RTK, a camera, and an obstacle avoidance system. The wide bandwidth radio station allows the operator to see precise bathymetric data results in real time. These USVs are beneficial not only for mapping shallow, murky waters, but also for improving the efficiency of our hydrographic operations. Since 2010, OceanAlpha has been working with USVs to provide solutions to the challenges surveyors face such as too many on-board components, interconnecting cables, and numerous data communication settings, all of which present a significant risk of downtime through equipment setup issues. The ‘all in one’ OceanAlpha USV solution is a game changer: all components & sensors are tightly integrated and work smoothly with the software. All you need to do is put it in the water and start surveying.

Case Study

  • 5
    Joint operation of M40 USV +3D Side scan sonar+ MS400 multibeam sounding system
  • 8
    ME40 Conducts Autonomous Bathymetric Survey in Zhenjiang city
  • 10
    ME70丨 Offshore Underwater Topography Survey of Zhuhai Delta Island
  • 12
    Underwater Topography Survey with M40 Autonomous Survey Boat
  • sl20
    SL20 Unmanned Boat Surveys Three Plateau Glacial Lakes in Tibet
  • me120
    ME120 surveys water transfer channels with side scan sonar

Product Solution