Hamburg Port Authority Uses USV in Hydrographic Survey | OceanAlpha

After a successful functional test in October under the challenging conditions in the Port of Hamburg, the HPA (Hamburg Port Authority) has opted for the Kongsberg & OceanALpha’s USV concept to assist its port measurement.

SL40 USV deployed in the Port of Hamburg

The concept uses an SL40 USV from OceanAlpha as the equipment platform to carry a Kongsberg M3 multibeam echo sounder as well as other high-performance sensors.

The USV will support HPA’s Hydrographic unit from 2020 onwards for a wide variety of tasks, initially for the measurement of shallow and hard-to-reach areas. The concept impressed the staff of HPA with its compactness, maneuverability, high quality of workmanship, good stability in the water, the intuitive and safe handling.


The SL40 software makes it easy to plan routes that the USV can depart and sails autonomously, allowing the operator to keep track of other important systems and survey data and be in control at all times. The Collision Avoidance module can automatically detect obstacles and stop the USV, which can minimize the potential of any bumping accidents.