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Remote Controlled Lifebuoy

A revolutionary remote-controlled life-saving device to keep u safe on water

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Innovative technology to save lives

The Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy is a life-saving device with propellers and a smart remote control system.

Dolphin RC 99

Easy operation

The Dolphin 1 is controlled by a simplified remote controller. Users have reported no difficulty when using it for the first time.

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Powerful propeller & strong buoyancy

  • The two propellers can drive the lifebuoy to maximum speed of 12km/h.
  • The Dolphin 1 provides a buoyancy that is equivalent to 2 regular buoys, allowing it to carry two people at a time.
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Highly visible

The Dolphin 1 is bright orange and mounted with two high penetration flashing fog lights, making the buoy highly visible in over long distances and in bad weather.

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Injury & tangle free

The propeller is wrapped by a dedicated shell to protect the user from injury and keep the propellers from entangling with water plants.

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Reliable and safe

The battery is stored in an independent cabin so that the Dolphin 1 can keep functioning, even if the hull is damaged.


Hull MaterialPE plastic
Dimension (L)115 cm *(W)83 cm *(H)21 cm
Weight13 kg
PowerElectric water-jet propulsion
Lifetime30 mins
Buoyancy32 kg
Floatability150 kg
Max. Speed12km/h (7.8 mile/h)
Communication Range500 m

Application Case

  • dolphin1 deliver goods
    Dolphin1 Deliver Supplies Between Ships
  • dolphin1 sl40 usv
    Dolphin1 Deployed in A Joint Law Enforcement Exercise
  • dolphin1 brighton beach
    Lifeguards in Brighton Beach Trialing Dolphin 1 Remote-control Buoy
  • Perth Royal Yacht club Deployed Dolphin1
  • dolphin 1 deliver mooring lines
    Dolphin 1 Assists to Deploy Long Mooring Lines
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