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Dolphin 1 - Remote Controlled Lifebuoy

Dolphin1 can propel itself to rescue a casualty faster than any skilled swimmer,
while the rescuer can operate it with a remote controller to stay safe and dry.

Dolphin 1 remote control top Dolphin sailing on water e1568271532393

Innovative Technology to Save Lives

The Dolphin 1 is a self-powered electric water rescue device which is directed by a remote controller. It’s an innovative technology that fills the gap between traditional foam buoys and jet skis as it is more precise, cheaper to deploy, and safer for rescuers.

Dolphin RC 99

Easy Operation

The Dolphin 1 is controlled by a simplified remote controller. Pressing the trigger can drive it forward; while rotating the knob can turn left or right. Any first-time user can learn to operate it in seconds.

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Powerful Propeller & strong Buoyancy

  • With a maximum speed of 12km/h, Dolphin 1 can cut through waves and torrents to reach a troubled swimmer within the golden rescue minute.
  • The Dolphin 1 provides a buoyancy that is equivalent to 2 regular buoys, allowing it to carry multiple casualties in one action.
eye-catching signal lights of dolphin 1 remote control lifebuoy 4 1

Highly Visible

The Dolphin 1 is bright orange and mounted with two high penetration flashing fog lights, making it easy to track by eyesight over long distances and in bad weather.

dolphin 1 is injury-free to user dolphin 1 is injury-free to user

Injury & Tangle Free

A tailor-made shell over the propellers makes it very safe for a panicking casualty to grab or pull randomly. It can also avoid entanglement with water plants or debris when the Dolphin 1 is operating in dirty water areas.

the water-proof design of Dolphin 1's battery the water-proof design of Dolphin 1's battery

Reliable and Safe

The batteries are stored in a water-tight independent cabin so that even if the hull is damaged accidentally, the Dolphin 1 can keep functioning and bring a casualty back to shore safely.


Hull Material PE plastic
Dimension 1.19 m(L) *0.85 m(W)*0.2 m(H)
Weight 13kg
Propulsion Water-jet Thruster
Max. Speed 12km/h(3.3m/s)
Battery Life 30 mins@3.3m/s; 60min@1 m/s
Floatability 225 kg
Buoyancy 32 kg
Control Range 800 m
Thruster Power  1800 w
IP Rating IP 67


Application Case

  • dolphin1 deliver goods
    Dolphin1 Deliver Supplies Between Ships
  • dolphin1 sl40 usv
    Dolphin1 Deployed in A Joint Law Enforcement Exercise
  • dolphin1 brighton beach
    Lifeguards in Brighton Beach Trialing Dolphin 1 Remote-control Buoy
  • Perth Royal Yacht club Deployed Dolphin1
  • dolphin 1 deliver mooring lines
    Dolphin 1 Assists to Deploy Long Mooring Lines
  • woman rescued by remote control lifebuoy Dolphin 1
  • water rescue officer remote controlling Dolphin 1
  • man floating on a remote control lifebuoy
  • remote control lifebuoy Dolphin 1 light weight
  • launch of remote control lifebuoy
  • Top view of remote control lifebuoy Dolphin 1
  • old man get rescued by remote control lifebuoy Dolphin 1 from a lake
  • troubled swimmer holds on a remote control lifebuoy
  • water rescue team applys remote control lifebuoy on a beach
  • Remote control lifebuoy Dolphin 1 sailing high-speed on the sea
  • front view of remote control lifebuoy Dolphin 1 sailing on the sea

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