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Dedicated pool for instruments

The 177 mm-wide moon pool supports flexible deployment of different instruments like ADCPs and echo sounders. 

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Auto-pilot And Realtime Data Telemetry

  • The SL20 USV supports both remote control mode and auto-pilot mode, performs great line tracking capability.
  • The base station can be easily set up on field, data can be transmitted in real time.
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Compact and Long Endurance

  • The SL20 USV is 1 meter long and weights 17 kg, it’s easy for one man to operate and transport.
  • Powerful battery and low power consumption supports 6 hours of endurance at 3 knots.
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Adaptable to extremely shallow water

With an extremely low draft of 15cm, the SL20 USV allows you to survey freely on offshore coasts, shoals and reefs where traditional manned vessel unable to enter.

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High Speed and Well Protected Propeller

  • Waterjet  propulsion system drives the maximum speed to 5m/s
  • Safety protection avoids the propellers being intertwined with water plants or water debris.


Hull Material Carbon Fiber
Dimension (L)105 cm *(W)55 cm 
Weight (excl. ADCP) 17 kg
Payload 10 kg
Draft 15 cm
Propulsion Duct type thruster
Moon Pool 177mm in diameter
Communication Range Data telemetry: 2 km    Remote Control: 1 km
Remote Control Frequency 900 MHz/ 2.4GHz
Data Telemetry Frequency 2.4 GHz/ 5.8 GHz
Survey Speed 3 knots (1.5m/s)
Max. Speed 8 knots (4m/s)
Battery Life 6 h @ 1.5m/s
Battery Pack 1 x 33V 40Ah
Quick Battery Replacement
Instrument SOUTH 18S SBES 
Echologger series SBES
Hydrobook SBES
Sontek RiverSurveyor S5/M9
Teledyne RD Instruments RiverRay
Teledyne RD Instruments RiverPro
Teledyne RD Instruments StreamPro
Linkquest Flowquest
Options ADCP data telemetry 


Application Case

  • SL20 small unmanned surface vehicle sailing near a dock
    Small Unmanned Surface Vehicle SL20 Surveys Sallow Dock Area
  • SL40 USV surveying at night
    SL40 & SL20 USV Measure River Velocity With ADCP in Jiangmen
  • water discharge
    SL20 USV Conducts Topographic Survey To A River Section
  • sl20
    SL20 Unmanned Boat Surveys Three Plateau Glacial Lakes in Tibet
  • USV and UAV Collaborate to Map a Dam Site in Cameroon, Africa
  • SL20 unmanned surface vehicle transported by a van
  • SL20 in France
  • SL20 unmanned surface vehicle sailing near a dock
  • SL20 in France 1
  • SL20 in France 2
  • SL20 in France 3
  • SL20 in France 4
  • SL20 in France 5
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