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Long Endurance Multi-Function USV

M40P is a multi-purpose surveying unmanned surface vessel(USV) platform for estuary, on-shore, and off-shore applications.
It’s designed to facilitate efficient data acquisition for construction planning and routine maintenance in the field of offshore wind farms and oil and gas exploration.

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Universal Application

The M40P  can carry a wide range of equipment to conduct bathymetry, seabed mapping, and geological hazard inspection.

Single-beam echo sounder Multibeam echo sounder  ADCP 3D LiDAR scanner
Side scan sonar Forward-looking sonar Water quality sonde Sub-bottom profiler
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Autonomous Navigation

Piloted by autonomous navigation algorithm, M40P can carry out round-clock inspection according to the preset route, greatly reduces the workload of and safety threats to personnel.

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Superior Stability

M40P’s unique hull catamaran design structure design provides exceptional performance even in turbulent waves, significantly reducing swaying and spray foam, providing a stable and quite working condition for acoustic equipment.

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Quiet and Clean

Powered by a diesel generator, the M40P has a single lifetime of up to 24 hours, while it can operate continuously for weeks by refueling.

The generator can be turned off when surveying to provide a quiet and zero-emission operating environment for the equipment to guarantee data accuracy.

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Exceptional Maneuverability

The configuration of twin engines and twin propellers, combined with the catamaran shape, elevates its maneuverability when navigating closely around foundations constructions for zoom-in inspection.

High-precision positioning and advanced navigation control algorithm minize risk of collision.

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Fleet Collaboration

Multiple USVs can group up to form a fleet, navigating the same route while conducting varied inspections.

The fleet can be piloted by one workstation to conduct a large scale investigation of different dimensions, significantly reducing labor costs and improving operational efficiency.


Hull Material Aluminum alloy
Dimension (L)4.5 m *(W)2.33 m*1.9m(H)
Weight 1400kg
Payload 80 kg
Draft 40 cm
Propulsion Electric propulsion with differential steering
Communication Range 10 km    
Max. Speed  7 knots 
Survey Speed 4-5 knots 
Endurance 100h @ 4kn
Video Monitoring Yes
Multi Missions Yes
Automatic Payload Lifter Yes
Operation Sea State SS 3


Application Case

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    M40P USV Conducts Long-Duration Offshore Geomagnetic Observation
  •  7 e1553492065326
    M40 & M80 USV Surveys Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Piles and Cable Scouring
  • China's First Gravity and Magnetic Survey Task Carried out by USV
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  • M40P USV on the sea
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