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Autonomous Survey Boat

Long endurance multi-functional platform for hydrographic surveying

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Large capacity for oceanographic survey instruments

The M80 USV can carry up to 150kg of hydrographic & geophysical instruments to conduct multi- purposed hydrographic surveys on deep sea.

Singlebeam echo sounderMultibeam echo sounder ADCP3D LiDAR scanner
Sub-bottom profiler
Side scan sonarForward-looking sonarWater quality sonde
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Longer endurance, faster speed

  • The USV can sail 50 hours continuously with a 350 kg (gallon liter) fuel tank.
  • The USV can sail up to 12kn/s with a high power water-jet propeller.
M80 hull equipment M80 2

Better protection to equipment

A build-in automatic lifter can lift and drop the instrument depending on whether the USV is sailing or surveying, which can protect transducers and save energy correspondingly.

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Automatic multi-purpose survey

  • Both the USV and the survey instruments are operated by the base station. Navigated by the GNSS positioning system, the USV can autonomously conduct pre-programmed multi-purpose surveying missions and send back data in real-time.
  • Operators can also control the USV manually within a distant of 2 km by using a remote controller.
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Intelligent collision avoidance

Deployed with a 4G radar, an HD camera and a LiDAR, the M80 USV gives an excellence performance in collision avoidance.

User can observe water environments using the real-time video feed to better avoid obstacles when operating in manual mode.


Hull MaterialAluminum
Dimension(L)5.7 m *(W)2.4 m *(H)2.9 m
Weight1450 kg
Payload150 kg
Draft45 cm
PropulsionDiesel water-jet
Obstacle Avoidance50 m
Communication Range>10 km
Max. Speed 12 knots 
Survey Speed6 knots 
Endurance200 nm
Video MonitoringYes
Multi MissionsYes
Automatic Paload LifterYes
Operation Sea StateSS 3


Application Case

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    M80 USV Deploying A Reson T20P MBES Conducts Underwater Topography Survey Around A Triangle Island
  • 1
    M80 USV Conducts the Underwater Topographic Survey in The Antarctica
  •  7 e1553492065326
    M40 & M80 USV Surveys Offshore Wind Farm Turbine Piles and Cable Scouring
  • China's First Gravity and Magnetic Survey Task Carried out by USV
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