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Hydrographic survey

The OceanAlpha’s hydrographic USVs are intelligent autonomous survey boats with extraordinary performance. They’re integrated with single beam/multi beam echo sounder, GNSS/RTK, camera, and obstacle avoidance system. The wide bandwidth radio station allows the operator to see precise bathymetric data results in real time. The USVs are beneficial not only for mapping shallow, murky waters, but also for improving the efficiency of hydrographic operations.
Since 2010, OceanAlpha has been dedicated in providing solutions to surveyors to solve problems like too many on-board components, interconnecting cables, and numerous data communication settings, all of which present a significant risk of downtime through equipment setup issues. The ‘all in one’ OceanAlpha USV solution is a game changer: all components & sensors are tightly integrated and work smoothly with the software.


Water Sampling and Monitoring

OceanAlpha makes USV boats for water quality professionals that sample, monitor, or survey large areas of water surfaces. Traditional methods require at least two technicians in a full-sized boat, going from site to site to collect samples or make measurements. The application of unmanned boat reduces the amount of time, labor and equipment needed to collect water quality data. Our agencies have seen more than 6 times of improvements in efficiency when working with USVs, while simultaneously reducing risk by keeping technicians and full-sized vessels on shore.



There has been an increase in the use of autonomous patrol boats in extreme environments for reconnaissance and surveillance where demands for precision, endurance, and reliability are paramount. Maritime and border force customers work with us to develop unmanned patrol boats. At OceanAlpha, we have experience working with and developing various interfaces for propulsion systems, including outboard motors, diesel oil propellers, and water jets for high speed operations. Our USV is fitted with a high-resolution infrared camera, an electro-optical pod, 4G radar, AIS and a loudspeaker. It is an alternative to conventional maritime assets for port protection as well as the monitoring of specific areas or the observation of events too hazardous for humans.


Autonomouos Shipping

Autonomous ships are part of the intelligent transportation, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics methods of the future. They would create a significant revolution in the maritime industry, much like the impact cell phones have had on society. OceanAlpha’s autonomous system is a mix of AI, supervision and dispatch system technology, a cloud server and data communication technology that allows for collision avoidance. It offers the advantage of reducing the expense of crew members while reducing human error, therefore bringing down costs related to accidents and insurance. Meanwhile, the absence of human crews on board reduces the issue of piracy.

Why USV is a better option?

Wider application

Unmanned surface vehicles can work in diversified water environments and assist in different survey missions due to a lower draft and flexible equipment capability.

Lower cost

The application of unmanned surface vehicles save largely in labor and fuel costs as well as employee expenses as there is no need to carry surveyors on board.

Better data quality

The unmanned surface vehicle’s unique hull design and propeller system enables it to sail in high accordance with the planned route to generate accurate data reports.

Higher efficiency

Unmanned surface vehicles allow you to survey autonomously and continuously in addition to being easy to transport from site to site, which significantly improves working efficiency.


Safety is increased while surveying dangerous areas and complex routes due to the elimination of individuals on the vessel.