OceanAlpha Delivers Research USV to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology | OceanAlpha

Hong Kong, May 7th, 2024 – OceanAlpha, a leading manufacturer in unmanned surface vessels (USVs) industry, announced today the delivery of an L12E USV, dubbed The Clear Water Bay, to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This delivery marks a significant milestone in bolstering the school’s innovative technology research and development initiatives and underscores its commitment to advancing robotics education.

The final recipient of the unmanned vessel is Cheng Kar-Shun Robotics Institute (CKSRI) at HKUST, a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to fostering research, development, and education in robotics. The Clear Water Bay USV will directly support the Institute’s innovative technology research and development efforts, enabling secondary development activities and expanding the horizons of scientific exploration at HKUST.

The delivery ceremony, held at the headquaters of OceanAlpha, saw Mr. Shi Song, General Manager of OceanAlpha, alongside Professor Wang Yang, Vice President of HKUST, and Professor Zhang Fumin, Director of CKSRI, signing the cooperation agreement.

This partnership signifies not only a deepening of academic and scientific research collaboration but also serves as a catalyst for the integration of technological innovation and education. The inclusion of the Clear Water Bay USV would enriche HKUST’s experimental research resources and provides a practical platform for students and faculty in the field of robotics and related disciplines.

About L12E USV:

Dimensions: 5.5m (length) × 4.5m (width) × 3.2m (height)

Hull type: Catamaran

Payload capacity: 400kg

Maximum speed: 10 knots

Maximum endurance: 4.5 hours

Maximum working sea conditions: Sea State 3

Communication distance: Remote control-1km, private network-2km

Supports 4G wireless communication