Case Study

  • 2
    CL40Y丨 USV conduct flow measurement in Huangyang river
  • 3
    ESM30 conducts autonomous water sampling and monitoring
  • 16
    ESM30丨USV collect water samples from 53 lakes
  • 4
    ESM30丨USV cooperates with UAV to monitor water quality
  • 5
    Joint operation of M40 USV +3D Side scan sonar+ MS400 multibeam sounding system
  • 6
    L40丨USV Maritime Surveillance Patrol and Law Enforcement in Hainan Province
  • 7
    M75 丨USV Rescues Two Drowning Victims From South China Sea
  • 1
    M80 USV Conducts the Underwater Topographic Survey in The Antarctica

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