Water Discharge Measurement | OceanAlpha

OceanAlpha’s autonomous hydrographic surveying boat has been applied to the mining industry for tailing dam ponds and tailing storage facilities (TSFs) and has been utilized in more common applications such as lakes, rivers, reservoirs and oceans. Set up the survey way-points and the boat will automatically begin surveying and acquiring online bathymetric data using its built-in GPS navigation system. USV surveying technology has been proven to be a great alternative to replace traditional manned surveying techniques, especially those that are repeated periodically or in hazardous water. Generating quality data, cost reduction and saving human lives make the OceanAlpha solution more appealing to mining companies when they make survey decisions.

Case Study

  • SL40 USV surveying at night
    SL40 & SL20 USV Measure River Velocity With ADCP in Jiangmen
  • 5 e1561715156157
    USV Assist In Pollution Remediation of Yangtze River
  • 2
    CL40Y丨 USV conduct flow measurement in Huangyang river

Product Solution