MC120 | Unmanned Surface Vehicle丨OceanAlpha

Water Surface Cleaning Robot

A revolutionary water surface cleaning solution

high efficiency cleaning high efficiency cleaning

High Efficiency Cleaning

Single battery lifetime 6 hours, can clean up 360kg of rubbish per day in maximum. At lease 4 times the efficiency compared to traditional cleaning methods.

app phone operation app and remote

Flexible Operation

  • The robot can be operated by both App or remote controller.
  • App supports multiple functions including route planning, auto cleaning, edge cleaning and auto return.
obstacle avoidance obstacle avoidance

Precise Obstacle Avoidance

Fitted with millimeter wave radar, lidar and integrated intelligent sensing unit, the robot can detect obstacles in real time and effectively avoid collision and damage.

object recognization image recognization

AI Object Recognition

Through continuous machine learning, the robot can identify target waste and fine-tune the cleaning plan in real time.

customization customization

Platform Customization

The robot can be customized for additional functions including hydrography survey, reagent delivery, water quality monitoring and water plants mowing.


Dimension (L)251 cm *(W)158 cm *(H)105 cm
Draft0.5 m
Hull MaterialAluminum alloy
Payload100 kg
Single cleaning capacity15 kg
Battery24V 60Ah, 2 packs
Extra power output420 Ah
Lifetime5-8 hours
Max. speed1.5 m/s
Propulsion480W, two thrusters
Obstacle AvoidanceMillimeter wave radar, lidar
Camera Range300°
Communication Frequency2.4G, 4G
Communication Range2 km

Application Case

    • 别墅区
    • 深圳香蜜湖公园
    • 垃圾船1


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