OceanAlpha Assists Water Rescuing Exercises for Operation Team of CGNR Offshore Wind Farm | OceanAlpha

Location: Jiangsu, China

Date:  Oct 2020

In October, OceanAlpha supports CGNR Offshore Wind Farm (Jiangsu) to organize water rescuing exercises to improve the team’s response to safety emergency incidents.

The Emergency Water Rescuing Drills

With the introduction of Dolphin 1, the unmanned surface rescue vehicle, service engineers from OceanAlpha helps train the operation team on self-rescue and rescuing others from drowning, which ensures the crew’s safety.

OceanAlpha Dolphin 1, the Remote Controlled Lifebuoy

Besides the water rescue, using a USV can also assist surveys at the wind farm to obtain sufficient and reliable information subsea and the health condition of the turbines. It would enable better planning for just-in-time maintenance, thereby reducing the operations costs and enhancing safety.

Technicians from OceanAlpha introduce the use of Dolphin1

“The failure rate of offshore wind turbines and other equipments is relatively high under harsh weather conditions. USVs would have been playing significant roles in operations and maintenance of offshore wind farms in the coming future,” according to Wang Zhihong, Head of Quality and Safety and Environmental Protection Department of CGNR Offshore Wind Farm (Jiangsu).

M80 USV in Survey

OceanAlpha aims to provide more competent operation and maintenance solutions for offshore renewable energy services. The company will attend the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) 2021 on 15-18 November and share its experience regarding leading USV technologies and services for offshore wind and other energy segments.